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Our Team

Meet the vibrant team at Marketing Jive: A dynamic group of marketing wizards, fueled by creativity and innovation. We're passionate about making your brand shine in the digital world. Let's elevate your marketing game together!

Luke Wilhoit

SEO Director

Luke Wilhoit is the SEO Director at Marketing-Jive.com, a digital marketing agency driving online success. With a wealth of experience in search engine optimization, Luke spearheads strategies that optimize client visibility and growth. Beyond the digital realm, Luke finds solace in hiking, snowboarding, and fishing, indulging his love for nature and adventure. His commitment to excellence and staying ahead of the digital marketing curve make him an invaluable asset to the Marketing-Jive.com team. Connect with Luke and witness the transformative power of his expertise in amplifying your online presence.

William Downer

Sales VP

William Downer, known around the office as Will, is the Vice President of Sales at Marketing-Jive.com. With his extensive sales experience and dynamic leadership skills, Will drives exceptional business growth. Outside of work, he finds joy in traveling, golfing, and spending quality time with his family. Will’s passion for adventure and his dedication to building strong client relationships make him a valuable asset to the Marketing-Jive.com team.

KayLee Street

Social Media Marketing

KayLee Street, the Social Media Marketing Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, brings a creative spark and deep knowledge of social media platforms to drive engaging campaigns. With a passion for dance and a love for meaningful connections, KayLee finds joy outside of work by expressing herself on the dance floor and spending quality time with friends and family. Her expertise in crafting compelling social media experiences makes her an integral part of the Marketing-Jive.com team.

Chase Valentine

Sales Manager

Chase Valentine, a Sales Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, where he brings passion and expertise to drive exceptional business growth. Known for building strong client relationships, Chase excels in sales success. Outside of work, he embraces the vibrant coastal life, spending quality time with friends on his boat in Charleston. A fitness enthusiast, Chase also dedicates time to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the gym. With his dynamic sales prowess and zest for life, Chase elevates the Marketing-Jive.com team.

Walker Dillon

Sales Manager

Walker Dillon, a Sales Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, drives impressive sales growth through his nack for building strong client relationships. When away from work, he enjoys attending concerts with friends and embarking on country-wide adventures with his loyal companion, Scooter. Walker’s dedication to sales excellence and adventurous spirit make him an integral part of the Marketing-Jive.com team.

Reed Kulikowski

Google Ads Manager

Reed Kulikowski, a long-term Google Ads Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, has a long history of spearheading strategic ad campaigns for exceptional online success in a surprisingly large amount of verticals. Outside of work, he enjoys valuable moments with his wife and two boys at home, and his passion for music comes alive through playing the piano.

Lamonte Ajayi

Google Ads Manager

Lamonte Ajayi, a Google Ads Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, leverages his eCommerce ad management background to drive more online sales with healthy CPAs and ROAS. Outside of work, he delights in tending to his garden of fresh veggies and hosting BBQ cookouts at his lake house. Lamonte’s proficiency in Google Ads and his passion for life’s simple pleasures make him a valuable asset to the Marketing-Jive.com team.

Tyler Neddo

Director of Web Development

Tyler Neddo, the Director of Web Development at Marketing-Jive.com, brings vast experience with major web development platforms and a successful background in eCommerce. Leading the web development team, he drives cutting-edge solutions for online success. Away from work, Tyler enjoys relaxing at the beach and spending quality time with his wife.

Kristina Marocci

Lead Content Manager

Kristina Marocci, the Lead Content Manager at Marketing-Jive.com, brings her journalism degree from Columbia University to craft compelling content strategies. Leading the content team, she drives innovative approaches that elevate clients’ online presence. Outside of work, Kristina enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs. Her passion for storytelling and dedication to quality content make her an invaluable asset to the Marketing-Jive.com team.

Austin Proffitt

Lead Project Management Coordinator

Austin Proffitt, the Lead Project Management Coordinator at Marketing-Jive.com, is the mastermind behind seamless project execution and client satisfaction. With an unrivaled eye for detail and superb organizational skills, Austin orchestrates projects flawlessly. When he’s not conquering project milestones, you’ll find him immersed in the great outdoors, indulging his passion for hunting and fishing. Austin’s unique blend of precision in project management and his adventurous spirit help produce real world results.

Clayton Walker

Videography & Graphics Expert

Clayton Walker, the Videography & Graphics Expert at Marketing-Jive.com, boasts extensive experience directing, filming, and editing commercials and online advertisements for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Leading the ad creative and graphics team, Clayton can drive visually captivating ads in his sleep. Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his dog on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast beaches.