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Search Engine Optimization in Asheville

We don’t make big promises that we can’t keep. When you contract with us for SEO services, we honestly explain that even with top-of-the-line SEO, it takes about six months for a website to move through the rankings and consistently rank on the front page.

Part of that stems from the vast number of websites on the Internet and part of it comes from the everchanging algorithms used by every search engine. Each search engine uses its own algorithm, so an SEO strategy must address them all, prioritizing Google since it ranks highest in its industry.

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Why Use Our Asheville SEO Services

Rather than trying to become the biggest company, we’ve focused on becoming the best at what we do, not for bragging rights, but because that lets us provide a higher level of service to you. Our company, Marketing-Jive, has been in business since the early days of the Internet. We’ve developed as SEO developed.

Exploring our website, you’ll find case studies from every generation of SEO and blogs that span every major SEO development. We didn’t write those in retrospect. We wrote them as SEO changed.

We update our methods every time a major search engine algorithm update occurs. We’ve been on top of every development in the past and we’ll stay on top of all of the future ones.

Our methods combine SEO keywords and keyword phrases customized to your company, SEO link building, web page design, meta information, schema, alt tags, and much more. By using a combination of techniques, we target every opportunity your business has to succeed. That helps you rise in the rankings on each of the search engines.

When most people think of search engine optimization, they think of keywords. Using the right keywords for your website only solves part of the SEO problem. SEO link building refers to having two high-quality websites link to one another in a manner consistent with both businesses’ industries or topics.

For example, if your plumbing business blog published an article about PVC pipes lasting longer than pipes that can rust, and it linked to a major PVC pipe manufacturer, you have a one-way link. If the PVC pipe manufacturer sees your link and links back to your article from their own website, you have successfully “built” a link. All link building refers to mutually linking and only using high-quality websites.

Your website design matters most, second only to your content. Your site must look good to get people to stay on it and read your information. It also needs an intuitive design that makes it easy for people to find the information they need quickly. Your page needs to load within three seconds to keep readers from leaving for another source.


Some sources describe meta information as the page content you never see, but people do see your business’ meta information. The metadata in the source code of each webpage tells the search engines about your website. When a search engine displays your page result, it uses your website’s metadata to do so. The description the search engine displays use some of the lines from this metadata. Without it, your site doesn’t rank.

Websites that include a catalog, and an e-commerce element, require schema. This special type of source code provides search engines with data that helps them assimilate the pages of the catalog separately and as one. Broadly, each page of the catalog uses the same schema tags, but each page receives its own description. This helps the search engine differentiate the catalog pages from the remainder of the website.

Every website needs alt tags, a type of meta tag that provides descriptions of each piece of non-textual information on the page. Your website’s photos, videos, graphics, and even your business’s logo, need alt tags.

When a visitor comes to your website using a browser with a screen reader the alt tags offer the screen reader information about the non-textual data. A sighted individual, for example, would see your photo of an employee fixing the pipes under a sink. A screen reader looks at the alt tag and reads the description that says, “Photo: A plumber lays beneath a sink, unscrewing metal pipes, surrounded by replacement PVC pipes.”

Using alt tags in your website ensures your website reaches all of your local target audience. Don’t miss out on customers by leaving off these important pieces of code.

You probably noticed that this web page uses the words SEO and Asheville SEO company a few times. Those rank among our company’s top keywords. Your company would use different keywords. There’s no one size fits all when using keywords on a website. Each company requires its own keyword research.

We conduct the marketing research needed to determine which keywords your website needs to rank for to top the SERP locally. Since most searches today occur on mobile devices and search for local services, that’s the top goal of a truly great SEO plan.

Marketing-Jive uses high-level analytics to monitor each page’s progress and your overall website progress. This analysis helps us spot which pages do best and uncover why. More than just ranking your company better in the search engine results page (SERP) that provides you with important marketing information. A page for a favorite product typically performs better than others.

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Top Ranking Asheville SEO Company

There’s more to us than SEO prowess and analytics though. We’re also a local Asheville, NC business. You’ve probably seen us at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or a local charity event. Like you, we’re a part of the local Asheville community.

You could contract with an SEO company everywhere. We’re honest about that, too. Any qualified SEO expert could write your webpage and handle your web design. Using a local business like ours affords you a local contact.

If you want a face-to-face meeting, we can do that. You can drop by our office for a cup of coffee and a quick question. We can connect at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. When you need help with a website emergency, we’re right around the corner instead of halfway around the world. You won’t need to worry that we won’t get the message for hours due to a time zone difference. We’re open the same local hours as your business.

As a local Asheville business, we want other Asheville businesses to succeed. We’re in this together.

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SEO Agency That Gets You Search Results

When you want to hire an Asheville SEO company, choose the company that provides real SEO solutions that last. Choose Marketing Jive.

When you want to hire an Asheville SEO services firm, choose the company that provides comprehensive services, including web design, keyword research, on-page analytics, SEO analysis, and integrated marketing advice. Choose Marketing Jive.

Our Asheville SEO solutions combine marketing, web design, and an SEO team that places your success first. We’re an authority on keywords, link building, web development, and content. Let our team help you learn the SEO essentials and perform the advanced services SEO requires.

Contact us today for a free SEO audit of your website. We’ll let you know where your site currently ranks in the SERP listings and what areas of your website need SEO improvement. Contact Marketing Jive today to get started.

What is SEO marketing for Asheville, NC?

SEO marketing for Asheville, NC refers to a comprehensive approach to marketing a business using a combination of techniques, including keyword research, keyword implementation, link building, meta information, schema, alt tags, and intuitive, easily navigated web design.

How will SEO help my local Asheville business?

Optimizing your website for local search helps you top the rankings for each major search engine. Most searches made today occur on smartphones. They target local services. For example, if your kitchen sink springs a leak, you probably grab your phone and search for “emergency plumber” and add either “near me” or your city’s name. That’s a local search. When your website optimizes for local search in your industry, the search engines rank you higher in the SERP.

How much are local SEO services in Asheville?

Some companies quote you a package price, but we don’t. Contact us for a free SEO audit. SEO is not one-size-fits-all. Your site might only need keyword enhancement or link building. That costs less than a business that just started or never had a website and must start from scratch. We won’t quote you a price until we’ve conducted an audit of your website. We’ll only recommend what your business’s website actually needs. We’ll create a custom quote for your business that reflects only the services it needs to succeed.

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