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Impactful Digital Marketing: Our Knoxville SEO Services

We often start our digital marketing work with an SEO audit of your site. An SEO audit will let us know where your SEO strategy is working and where it is falling short. If you have not been using an SEO strategy, the audit will let us know where we should start when we are creating a new strategy from scratch.

An SEO audit looks at many factors, including the content on your site, technical SEO, inbound links from other sites, how your site ranks for certain keywords, and even your competitor's SEO strategies. Our experienced team will conduct the audit manually. We don't simply run an automated audit like many competing marketing agencies.

Marketing-Jive certainly uses the latest SEO programs, but we go far beyond automated SEO audits when we are performing one of our manual audits. The speed and ease of use of these programs may tempt you into using them instead of getting a manual audit from experienced SEO professionals.

However, you should know that automated SEO audits have many problems. The most serious problem is that these programs are very inaccurate. Also, it is important to note that automated SEO audits often have little or no capacity to evaluate off-page SEO, which is vital to your site's overall SEO success.

Our SEO audits include competitor analysis. Depending on your needs, we can also perform an even more thorough SEO analysis separately from our standard SEO audits. We will start by identifying your top competitor or competitors.

A competitor analysis will look at which keywords your competitor is ranking for, the strength of the SEO content on their site, the inbound links that lead to the competing site, and more. If you are new to SEO, you may be wondering why we would study your competitor's SEO so closely. We do so because ranking high in search engines is extremely competitive, and a competitor SEO analysis can identify weaknesses that your SEO strategy can take advantage of.

For example, your competitor may not have many inbound links from quality sites to their own site. If this is the case, we would likely create an SEO strategy for that focuses on link building. This means that we would strive to create as many links to your site as possible on high-ranking sites. As link building is vital for SEO and your hypothetical competitor is lacking in this area, this strategy would likely help you rank higher with search engines than your competitor for your most important keywords.

Many experts believe that having a large number of high-quality links leading to your site is the single most important factor for SEO. Google's algorithm is a closely guarded secret, and it changes frequently. However, years of data shows that sites with a high-quality link profile have performed well, even when other sites have been penalized. This is why Marketing-Jive makes link building an important part of the SEO strategies that we create for our clients.

There are several factors that go into successful link building, but the quality of the links is clearly the most important factor. Links that are on better websites are worth far more than links on spam sites. But what is a "better" website in this context?

This is a bit of a complicated question, but the simple answer is that a quality inbound link must be on a site with good SEO. The experts at Marketing-Jive will evaluate the quality of potential target sites for link building before actually creating the link. Some links can be built quickly and easily on social media sites, business directories, and similar sites. We may also run a guest post campaign, in which we have copywriters write articles that include a link to your site and send these articles to third-party sites so that they can post them.

Keyword research is another cornerstone of the SEO services that we offer for our clients. We use our experience and cutting-edge programs to put together a list of keywords that your site should try to rank highly for. For example, if you operate a plumbing company in Knoxville, you should try to rank for "plumber in Knoxville" and similar keywords. This may sound simple, but this process is more complicated than it seems at first.

When selecting keywords to target, Marketing-Jive will look at two vital factors. First, we will look at how many people are searching for specific keywords. The higher the search volume for a certain keyword, the more traffic your site can bring in if you rank highly for this keyword. We will also look at how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword. If the first page of search results for a certain keyword is full of well-established sites with top-notch SEO, we may not choose to target this keyword. This is because it would be very difficult to rank highly for this search term. We can probably find other terms that are not as difficult to rank for. 

On-page SEO concerns how well-optimized the content on your site is. This involves the keywords targeted in the content, how these keywords are used, the outbound and internal links in your content, and many other factors.

At Marketing-Jive, we often use a two-pronged on-page SEO strategy. First, we will evaluate the content that is already on your site to see how well-optimized it is. We will do this as part of our SEO audit. When we spot poorly-optimized content, we will rewrite it so that it is properly optimized.

Secondly, we will oversee the production of optimized content for your site. The more well-optimized content your site has, the better. Well-optimized and informative content will attract links that you don't have to pay for or spend time chasing.

Technical SEO is a very important and often overlooked aspect of SEO. Technical SEO concerns factors like how long it takes your pages to load, whether there are any 404 errors on your site, and whether your internal links are broken.

Google's algorithm takes all this into account when determining where to rank pages. In fact, it seems that technical SEO has only become more important in recent years. It is possible to have well-optimised content and a great link profile but still rank poorly. When we see a site in this situation, the site usually has technical SEO problems like long loading times. These problems could be caused by improperly optimized graphic design assets, overusing widgets, or many other issues. 

Local SEO is one of Marketing-Jive's key services. Local SEO concerns ranking for location-specific search results. It is most important for businesses that rely on customers to come to them. It is not as important if your business is entirely online.

Our local SEO strategies focus on ranking high in the Google search engine for location-specific keywords. We also ensure that your business is listed prominently in location-specific databases like Google Maps. 

When we work on local SEO campaigns for Knoxville-based businesses, we often target keywords that include the term "Knoxville." These keywords are often easier to rank for than non-location specific phrases. This is because you aren't competing with companies from all over the world to rank for these search terms. As such, local SEO is not only very effective for increasing leads and foot traffic, it is also an effective use of a small business's marketing budget.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can search engine optimization services help my Knoxville business?

Search engine optimization can greatly increase traffic to your website by helping your site appear higher up the page on SERPs. We will also work on your website so these visitors are more likely to convert to leads or sales. The local SEO services we offer are great for businesses that rely on people coming into their location. Our local SEO services can increase foot traffic to your physical location by making your business easier to find in apps like Google Maps.

Do you offer local SEO services in Knoxville as well?

As previously mentioned, we do offer local SEO services in Knoxville. This is one of the major advantages that you will see if you go with Marketing-Jive instead of other marketing agencies that do not do local SEO. We have extensive experience in local SEO, so we can create an effective local SEO approach for your Knoxville target audience. This is absolutely vital for any business that has a physical location, as effective local SEO will greatly increase the number of clients and customers that come to your location.

How much does SEO in Knoxville cost?

The cost of SEO in Knoxville varies widely based on multiple factors. The most important factors are the size of your site and the number of SEO services you need. Marketing-Jive would be happy to learn more about your SEO needs so we can give you a custom quote. Contact us so we can get started on this process.

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