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For unparalleled online presence that drives digital revenue, look no further than our powerful Johnson City SEO services. Our Johnson City digital marketing agency employs proven strategies, harnessing targeted keyword research and optimization techniques to maximize your business's ROI. Serving Tennessee's Tri-Cities region, including SEO for Jonesborough, SEO for Bristol, and SEO for Kingsport.

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Increasing Digital Revenue For Our 100+ Satisfied Clients

SEO Management Services In Johnson City

Website ranking means everything for Johnson City business owners. In today’s digital universe, if your business isn’t on the internet, you are missing out on reliable revenue streams. But if your website traffic offers only a poor user experience due to broken links or slow loading speeds, consumers will spend their money and get their information elsewhere.  

To rise in the SERP game, you must have all your components working for you, including:  

  • Lightning-fast speed  
  • Fresh, quality content  
  • Top-notch backlinks  
  • Seamless user experience  

As John Mann of Mann SEO once said in a blog, there’s a “difference between ranking in the search results and ranking on the first page of the search results.”  

We agree. We believe that when it comes to finding a reputable marketing agency for SEO Johnson City business owners deserve only top results for their brands.

SEO-Focused Johnson City Digital Marketing Services

Turn More Clicks Into Conversions With Local SEO Keywords

Keywords are not phrases selected at random. Instead, they are method-proven marketing metrics that bring results to your Johnson City small business.

Whether you have an online portal to sell goods and services or an actual storefront, all businesses benefit from the SEO management efforts of Marketing-Jive’s talented Johnson City digital marketing team.  

Below are just some of the web design services, SEO, and marketing services that we produce for our clients in and around Johnson City, TN:  

  • Individual case studies to identify targeted demographics 
  • Competitor assessments  
  • Evaluation of market opportunities  
  • Threat assessments   
  • Scalable SEO packages, from basic to enterprise (and custom)  
  • Unique, fresh content writing by marketing professionals  
  • Social media engagement and management 

Let’s explore more ways that Marketing-Jive will boost your brand’s online visibility.

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What’s In A Name?

A lot, if you are a Johnson City small business owner. As it turns out, research shows that customers lose trust in companies with names, addresses, and phone numbers (NAP) that don’t reflect a business’s current circumstances.

When Marketing-Jive takes on a new account, an incorrect NAP is one of the first errors that turns up in a site audit. The pandemic forced many small businesses to switch their days and hours of operation. Marketin-Jive ensures that your digital profile accurately aligns with any operational changes you make.

We Also Offer Local Johnson City WordPress Web Design

Everyone with a smartphone is but a click away from becoming the next customer for your small business. Marketing-Jive digital marketing professionals make sure that customers have a smooth user experience on your website no matter what device they’re viewing it from.

Building Backlinks Can Drive Johnson City Web Traffic Your Way

When other reputable sites link to your website, it authenticates your brand's reputation as an industry leader. Backlinks also arise from established relationships with other Johnson City website owners who share their content on your page (and vice versa).

Are Backlinks And SEO Related?

Definitely! While SERP ranking factors are never static, backlinks are top elements for SERP.

Backlinks are also another way to present your website to the expanding world of potential customers and site visitors. After all, you spent lots of time creating keyword-rich content. It would be a shame if nobody got the chance to see it.

Once you have established backlinks from other reputable sites, search engine spiders crawling that site’s pages will discover your site. That initiates the process of indexing and ranking your own site.

Bingo! You have just made the first chink in the armor of the Google algorithm. You are now well on your way to SERP rankings and click conversions.

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Our SEO Services Include Johnson City-Specific Backlinks

In the past, search engine giant Google stated that having backlinks to your site was a primary ranking factor. Even though the Google algorithm is in constant flux, that is a strong indicator that backlinks carry a great deal of weight. Digital marketing companies form relationships with many Johnson City small business owners. Your marketing management team will pitch the quality of your site content and the value it adds as a backlink to other business owners’ websites. Companies that are in complementary industries frequently arrange to backlink to one another’s web pages and increase the inherent value of both sites while boosting both companies’ SERP rankings.

Another Benefit Of Backlinks For Johnson City Companies

Targeting the right demogrpahic is important, but so is expanding your brand to a wider audience. Backlinks are a great way to do that, both in and out of Johnson City. Go to Ahrefs.com and review their organic competitors report in Site Explorer to check out your biggest competitors' backlink profiles. Then, take the information gleaned there and plug it into Site Explorer's Link Intersect report. Just like that, all your competitors' referring domains are yours to link to as well, should those links mesh with the digital marketing strategy you pursue.

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We Can Even Help With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Why Your Business Needs Marketing-Jive Premium Digital Marketing Services In Johnson City

In a recent study, eMarketer found the median email marketing return on investment was an astounding 122%.

In other words, you can’t afford to forgo this data-driven digital marketing strategy for your brand if you want to target and engage potential clients.

This doesn’t mean spamming inboxes of residents all over Johnson City, TN. Far from it. With Marketing-Jive at the helm of your digital marketing campaign, we focus on those potential customers most likely to avail themselves of your brand’s goods and services.

That begins with a deep dive into data analysis to identify trends and laser in on your targeted audience. Done right, email campaigns are cost-effective and efficient maneuvers to leverage your ROI and save your valuable time. b

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Fresh Content Written By Industry Professionals

Running a small business is a full-time job. Marketing your business is a full-time job as well. That’s why very few Johnson City small business owners can afford to do their own web design and digital marketing. To remain competitive, companies rely on the SEO services Marketing-Jive provides its customers. 

The bottom line with SERP ranking always lies with the quality of the content that you post on your website. If your content is stale and outdated, it is no longer relevant. You can expect fewer visitors to your site and decreased SERP ratings from the Google algorithm. 

Those worries fade when you have a team of dedicated and experienced content marketers working to enhance the profile of your brand. Marketing-Jive uses no AI-generated text with stilted and repetitive phrasing. The content we produce is always informational, entertaining, and relevant to today’s consumers. 

You dictate the schedule for and frequency of content updates. Our talented writing professionals create relevant and timely content on topics you choose, or that you select from an array of options.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Tailored For East Tennessee

One of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to get your brand and company showcased to the largest possible audience in Johnson City is by using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Depending on your company's goals and brand, one or more of the social networks may be a better fit for your company. We will define your brand and develop a cohesive digital marketing strategy that capitalizes on its strongest selling points to Johnson City consumers. When you get ready to roll out special seasonal or holiday promotions, our marketing team uses targeted social media posts that appeal to the demographic group that makes up your client base. Over time, you will dominate your industry as the authoritative source to turn to for information and up-to-the-minute access to new features, events, and products as soon as they drop.

Local SEO Strategy For Johnson City, TN

When you depend on Johnson City residents to grow your business, it makes good business sense to ensure that your digital marketing services targets them.

After all, attracting the attention of customers in Los Angeles, California, is useless when your business is right here in Johnson City, Tennessee. Marketing-Jive will use hyper-local SEO to narrow your focus for the greatest advertising impact.   

Local Johnson City TN SEO

Pay-per-click, or PPC, as it’s known in the industry, is a type of digital advertising. Using this business model, advertisers pay a predetermined fee every time someone clicks an ad on their brand’s app or website.   

Our Johnson City SEO consulting company builds  PPC ad campaigns around your business objectives. Once we refine your settings, we then target your audience, their locations, and the devices and schedules in your focus.

We work within your budget to devise a winning bid strategy for  optimum ad placement. We then build the ad that best highlights your company, your brand, and its products and services.  

Pay-per-click services are just one of many digital (and other!) marketing opportunities for your Johnson City business. We give our clients many different choices and pricing packages designed to reflect the specific needs of their businesses.

Because of the scalability of digital marketing and SEO management services, you will never have to pay for advertising and marketing services that you don’t need. 

Our customers living in and around Johnson City, TN, derive great benefit from the services provided by the talented professionals on the Marketing-Jive search engine optimization (SEO) digital marketing team.  

We use SEO to boost both foot and website traffic and enhance the reputation of your carefully curated brand. Our marketing team conducts extensive keyword research, uses targeted leads and laser-focused SEO campaigns that boost your ROI.  

We put your business on the map. Google maps, that is. If you want to increase your visibility to customers and potential clients living in and around Johnson City, TN, let Marketing-Jive partner with you so you can knock it out of the park.  

Search engine optimization is vital for businesses with any web presence whatsoever. When it comes to the SEO game, it’s go big or go home time. Marketing-Jive is the Johnson City digital marketing team with the expertise to move you to the top of the heap in your industry.   

SEO is what attracts those web-crawling spiders on the internet to pass over and index your page so it rises higher in search engine ranking. To attain top-ranking SERP status, put our Johnson City digital marketing agency to work on your SEO strategy. 

Yes. Marketing-Jive has top-notch digital marketing services for Johnson City business owners and their companies. Our web design professionals start from square one to build your website or conduct a site audit and analysis of your existing digital marketing practices.  

Once that has been accomplished, we meet with you to share our findings – what works, what does not, and what needs to be tweaked to improve your website's SERP ranking. Our design team will have your pages loading fast and your site looking sleek to enhance the user experience and encourage click conversions.

Don't Let Local Competitors Corner Your Market

You've worked hard to build and burnish your brand. Isn't it time to take it to the next level? With Marketing-Jive running your digital marketing campaign, you will see decided improvment in search engine rankings and an enhanced online and offline presence in Johnson City.


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